Charlotte Lyne


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Charlotte has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She attended regular classes with many great teachers while living in London. Coming from a background in dance and gymnastics as a child she was quite flexible and enjoyed these initial classes, being able to get into asanas/postures easily. At this stage of her practice it was mostly a physical practice. However over the years she became more interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga. She enjoyed mediation and yoga nidra more and more and noticed the calming and grounding benefits these practices brought to her daily life. To compliment this she completed Reiki 1 in Ireland and Reiki 2 in France to deepen her understanding of chakras and healing energies. Charlotte is mother to 3 amazing little people! She naturally looked up and attended prenatal yoga classes during her pregnancy with her eldest son Ruadhán. She did her own yoga practice daily also and bounced back after birth because of regular yoga practice. Yoga also helped to stay grounded and focused and she learned many useful breathing techniques to help with labour and birth. Enjoying the benefits of having yoga back in her life she continued daily practice. In 2010 Charlotte undertook a 2 year yoga teacher training diploma. This was an amazing learning experience and she really enjoyed working on specific techniques for getting into asanas/ postures safely and deepening her knowledge of all things yoga. Knowing firsthand how important and useful yoga practice is during pregnancy she trained to be a prenatal yoga teacher too. She taught classes in the Cork movement centre in Cork city. Charlotte is also qualified to teach kids yoga.


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