Charlotte Saint Jean


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Vinyasa Prana Flow, Hormone Yoga & Yin Yoga teacher with a unique style who loves mixing music and live singing into her classes. Each class follows the mood of the seasons and is infused with an electric mix of deep openings, grounding, dynamic flow and meditative reflection.

Teaching for over 15 years in France Charlotte is also the creator of the Val d'Isère Yoga festival, co-director of a collective for Yoga Festivals and Happenings in France, Bliss & Womens' Spirit festival and the Founder & Director of the only dedicated online yoga web site in french.

Charlotte is a 500 RYS hours teacher and teaches retreats, workshops, classes in savoie, Paris, Brussles, Bordeaux and also runs a Teacher Training course ShivaShakti. Charlotte also writes regularly in the Yoga Journal France.


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