Chele Howell

Boise, ID
United States

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Chele is a “recovering perfectionist” who has often been accused of taking life too seriously. As she embarked on a quest to “lighten up” and become more adaptable, creative and joyful, divine timing placed Laugh Yoga in her path. She soon discovered that happiness is 100% contagious! She has found healing and perspective through the wondrous gift of laughter and finds great joy in sharing this gift with others.

Chele's business name is Dragonfly Laughter Wellness. She is passionate about seeking transformation and things that spark joy in her life, and is eager to share her passion to help others de-stress and find healing and greater joy in their lives through her Laugh Yourself Happy classes!

Chele’s infectious smile and enthusiasm for life light up a room when she enters. Her warmth, compassion and infectious laughter put people at ease, and her uplifting classes are filled with fun, creativity and living in the moment. She weaves in an element of inspiration to enrich her students’ lives and help them realize the value of their contribution–then sends them back out into the world on a laughter high!

When she’s not leading laughter classes, Chele can be found enjoying her five children, husband of 32 years and four-year-old twin granddaughters, teaching piano, engaging in transformational classes, reading, singing, hiking and camping in the mountains, walking by the river or playing in her kayaks (one for herself and one for a friend, if you’d like to come join her!).


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