Chelsea Anne Gardner

Delray Beach, FL
United States

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Chelsea came to yoga the way most people do, for the physical benefits. From the ages of 4-14 Chelsea trained and competed as a gymnast, and was always playing sports and staying active. It wasn't until college, 2008 when Chelsea found yoga in a movement for the actor class. She soon began to discover the emotional benefits of the moving meditation and slowly began to build her practice, finding comfort in the familiar poses from her time as a gymnast and the new excitement of linking the breath with the movement. She soon began to seek out yoga DVD's and then finally found her way to a local studio in 2011. With a desire to be a part of the yoga community she began working at the studio registering classes, and maintaining the classrooms, and in return received free yoga classes. It was then that she realized how important it was to attend group classes and feel the energy between students. Chelsea soon realized she wanted to become a yoga teacher but wanted to build her practice more before doing so. Fast-forward to August 2015, Chelsea relocated to Rutherford, NJ for work, and discovered a studio within walking distance to her apartment. Overwhelmed with the sense of community and knowledge from the founder she decided this would be the studio where she wanted to do her 200-hour training. Under the guidance of Felise (Shivadasi) Berman, E-RYT at Shiva Shanti Yoga, she learned not only about the Asana’s but also the teachings of the sacred, study, art, science and philosophy of Yoga, as taught in the ancient texts. Chelsea recently graduated on June 5, 2016. She is eager to inspire her students to go outside of their comfort zones and fall in love with themselves. When Chelsea is not on the mat she enjoys singing, playing guitar with her husband, snuggling with their two cats, and spending quality time with her family.

Chelsea's next adventure is making the big move from New Jersey to Delray Beach, Florida, where she hopes to become a part of the yoga community and teach locally. She looks forward to serving the community and helping others find the joy of a their own unique practice.


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