Chelsea Harms

Rincon PR
Puerto Rico

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I am a marine scientist currently residing in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I'm working on my with a research focus on the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean, and the ultimate goal to teach at the university level upon completion.

I am constantly opening my mind to learn new things, and yoga was one of those "things" back in 2007. I took a class because it was free, and I fell in love with something I didn't know at the time would become a passion to complement my love for science.

In 2012, I took the journey into yoga more seriously and began practicing regularly and learning more about pranayama and asana. In 2014, I discovered that my desire to teach would flow outside the boundaries of a traditional classroom and into my passion of yoga. I was trained as an alignment based power yoga teacher in May 2014 and have been teaching since just a couple days out of training.

I love that yoga is accessible to everyone, all skill levels, all ages. I love that yoga doesn't discriminate by color, race, creed or sex; that yoga can heal the mind, body and spirit. I love that yoga deepens my connection to God and that yoga's benefits can be supported by science.

Oh and in my free time, I also blog about daily living inspired by nature here:


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