Chelsea McKenzie

London, ON
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Striving to bring the spark of awareness into the deepest darkest corners of my body has greatly impacted how I play the game of life, and it is this crucial piece that inspires me to share the ever-evolving practice of self-exploration. Awareness from the centre of the nervous system to the periphery and from the periphery to the centre combined with internal awareness of respiration (breath entering and exiting the body) initiates the first phases of the transformation process. By creating awareness in the body, the transport of oxygen and nutrients via the circulatory system and electrical impulses via the nervous system are able to penetrate every layer deeply, thus enabling proper communication between the cells that make up the tissues of the body. The integration and subsequent transformation that occurs here is dependent on the quality of attention (dynamic extension & awareness) applied by the student during practice.

Integration within the layers of the body provides the student with more information about the Self, subtle reactions of the sense organs to the external world, and how these influence our internal mental and physical environment.

In other words, getting in touch with your physical body influences how you perceive the world around you. When the instrument of the body is able to communicate from your toes to your head, and from one organ system to another, you become a genius of your own body: Your Primary Vehicle, and this is where the magic happens.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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