Chelsey Bishop

Kingsport, TN
United States

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I began yoga in college ten years ago. I was in a modern dance company and we began every dance session with a combination of yoga and dance. It was purely a physical practice as we warmed up with flows and using our breath as a tool to dance. We used yoga for flexibility and body weight strength training. I didn’t learn of the philosophical side of yoga until after the birth of my second child.

I fell in love with yoga after he was born when I went to yoga for respite. I needed relief from the constant emotional struggles of motherhood and the physical pains of childbirth.

Susan Oliver, my yoga teacher, broadened my realization that there is yoga beyond handstands, and she encouraged me to become a teacher. Before teacher training started, I fell in love with the yoga community on Instagram, which also taught me a lot about yoga despite the picture perfect poses that I’ll never achieve.

I want to facilitate the joy and relief for my students that I experience in my personal yoga path. A welcoming, encouraging, and gentle yet still enthusiastic spirit helps me as a yoga teacher.

My classes consists of creative flows, Iyengar style, and yin. Each class begins with centering, breathing, and an intention to carry out beyond the mat. We build learn poses, then connect them into flows. We focus on alignment, breath, and self-expression.

As a mother, I’ve experienced the amazing capabilities of women’s bodies in being able to conceive, grow, birth, feed and comfort babies. I want to continue the deep-rooted tradition of women supporting expectant mothers physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, then after the baby’s arrival. Yoga, pregnancy, and birth beautifully weave together. It’s a unique and intimate way to experience your relationship with both yourself and your baby. Pregnancy is such a sweet time for women to know themselves more deeply and cultivate openness for the journey ahead. I’m beginning my studies to become a DONA certified doula. Stay tuned for updates on the doula front.

In the meantime, I’ll continue studying, practicing, and teaching yoga in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, TN.