Cheyenne Giesecke

Encinitas, CA
United States

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Rooted in the sand of the San Diego beaches and raised under the California sunshine, Cheyenne Giesecke is nothing fancier than a free spirited beach bum. In constant strive of personal growth, she opted to step (way) outside of her comfort zone and move to Forth Worth, Texas for college! Paradoxically enough, it was there where the deepest connection with her innate hippie nature blossomed into existence. Yoga is Cheyenne’s passion and a part of her daily life. In addition to yoga, Cheyenne is a Reiki energy healer, student of Buddhism, Hinduism, Mysticism, people, and life, crystal enthusiast, lover of nature, believer in the power of the Universe, and zealous wanderluster. After graduating Cum Laude from Texas Christian University with a BS in Communication Studies and a minor in Social Work, her wanderlust spirit led her to Bali, Indonesia, where she spent almost six weeks to become a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200). In Bali, Cheyenne was surrounded by incredible people and intensely powerful healers. She traveled deeper into her own spirituality than ever before, and as a result many shifts happened within her. What she honors most as a yoga instructor is being a living example of Yoga. Live yoga; be light. Cheyenne’s hope is that her words, encouragement, guidance, and instruction of asana will help her students recognize the light within themselves, and that WHO she is always remains her greatest teaching. Cheyenne’s classes encourage her students to shine the light of their highest self.


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