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Chiara D’Ottavi is a yoga teacher and yoga personal coach with over 13 years of teaching experience. To her, yoga teaches us the sacredness of life and is a wonderful way to life more fully with integrity and honesty. She started the practise of yoga in 1995 and has visited and lived since then in several ashrams around the world in California, India, Canada and Austria. She has travelled extensivily in India and Nepal, visiting several sacred places of pilgrimage and deepening her knowledge. She attended several in depth courses and intensive sadhana around the world with important teachers such as Swami Yogaswarupananda and Sri Karthikeya (Divine Life Society, Rishikesh). In 2007 she graduated as a yoga teacher at the Istituto Yoga Universale in Rome, with a final thesis on “The Absolute and Prakriti.” She completed a further teaching qualification at the International Sivananda and the Vedanta Yoga Centre of Reith (Austria), as well as at the Chateau de Yoga Sivananda, Orleans (France), receiving the titles of "Yoga Siromani" and "Yoga Acharya". She has deepened her knowledge of yoga nidra and meditation practice at the Satyananda school of Yoga.
From 2010 to 2013 she has been following the teachings of Sri Satchidananda Yogi, the Silent Yogi of Madras, through his direct disciple and teacher, Walter Thirak Ruta.

Aside from spirituality, she has a long awareness of and sensitivity to ecology and social justice and has written about these topics as a free lance journalist and translator translating Pultizer Prize Amercian poet Gary Snyder and with interviews to people such as F. Capra, author of best seller “The Tao of Physics and Alternative Nobel prize winner and writer on Ladakh, Helena N. Hodge. She's been a contributor, as a yoga expert and writer, for several Italian magazines and websites, as well as being the model and contributor for the book "Yoga and Pilates" (2012; 2013). She has integrated her interest for the work of energies within the body/mind/soul with the practice of shamanism, biodanza, oriental dances (belly dance and Indian dances), as well as taking a certificate of Tibetan universal massage in Dharamsala (India).

Over the years, she has taught in Rome and in the towns of the “Alban Hills” around Rome, with courses, workshops and individual programmes for beginners to advanced, and for teachers. Her experience includes the teaching of classic hatha and raja yoga, yoga nidra and deep relaxation, kriya (cleansing technique), yoga and nature and shamanic yoga. She teaches with freshness, passion, sensitivity and care for detail, with a profound and refined approach, where the old and universal teachings of yoga are brought beautifully alive and made current for everyone in a work of true listening, where we can meet our completeness and integrity as cosmic beings. She currently teaches near Rome (Alban Hills) and Rome as a yoga personal coach and to groups.


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