Chiara Zanetti


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I am a Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and Travel Group Leader at Traveling Yoga.

After my MA in German, English and French Language and Literature at the University in Padova, Italy, I moved to Munich and worked internationally as a manager in the healthcare sector for different enterprises.
In my job I was traveling extensively and was able to combine the travel with the yoga practice: I was practicing Yoga in Europe as well as in the US.
In 2012 I spent two months in India and completed the Yoga Teachers’ Training Course, recognized by the Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation, at the Association of Yoga and Meditation with Yogi Chetan Mahesh in Rishikesh.
For me it was a full immersion in the discipline I have been practicing for years, a study of a wide range of ancient and modern Yoga styles: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga, Power Yoga.
I dedicate a lot oft my time to my passions: traveling, outdoor sports and teaching Yoga and I am used to teach in different languages.
My aim is to help people to integrate Yoga in the everyday life, on their holiday as well as in the business world, enjoying the positive effects of this ancient philosophy.
I draw on many styles of Yoga, sinceI believ that each style deepens our understanding to the yogic path. I tune into the unique needs of each student, whether it is building strength and flexibility or becoming more self-aware during the personal practice.
I like to show my students that yoga offers opportunities to discover the vitality of their body and their inner strengths, especially in the stressful everyday life.


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