Chloe Garland

United Kingdom

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From a very early age Chloe has felt a strong connection to nature and spirituality. Her natural empathy for others and connection to the natural world has guided her to become a Yoga teacher as well as a Conservation biologist. Her continuing journey in yoga has helped her overcome many challenges in life as well giving her the courage to follow her true path.
“Yoga is not only joyful, it helps us care for our physical self as well as our emotional self and connects us to the beauty of nature. It is not just an exercise. Yoga is a way of life. It allows you open your heart and leave fear behind”.
Chloe loves to help guide people through their own journey of self-discovery, allowing them to realize their own potential, beauty and strength. Her teachings are aimed to allow you to practice yoga to your own abilities, discover possibilities, breath, let go of expectations, connect and have fun! Building flexibility, strength and working with your breath, allowing you to free your body and mind, promoting a peaceful heart and positivity.


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