Christa Martel

Mission, BC

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One of the first things Christa will ask you, because she asks a lot of questions, is what's your why? What gets you out of bed, inspires you, makes you feel alive? Christa has trained as a Life Skills Coach, and is in her second year of becoming a Trainer. A jack of all trades originating from the East Coast, she has a varied educational, personal and professional background.

A foot in many fields, Christa has received a DEC of Fine Arts, an ACS of Intercultural Communications and Community Development, and a university background in Advertising and Guerilla Marketing. She trained as a Yoga Teacher in India, before taking her practice across Canada and eventually launching a hybrid Life Skills and Yoga program in Central America.

After spending several years traveling, volunteering and training through Eastern Europe, South and Central America, and Asia, Christa draws from her extensive culturally sensitive background; bringing business, advertising, yoga, life skills coaching, fine arts, community development and non-profit management together for a unique approach to experiential education. She has faced many personal and professional challenges, learning to work with a wide variety of client groups in lose to very structured backgrounds - learning to love people. She is now training to become a Trainer, hoping to master skills in developing empowerment.

Christa has a passion for non-profits and working with empowerment. She has been drawn to storytelling from a young age, and firmly believes in the curative and wise properties of a well told story - seeking them out wherever she's traveled. As well as storytelling, she weaves drumming and Life Skills foundations into her yoga classes, for a holistic exploration of the self and community. She has developed several Holistic workshops, and Job Hunting workshops. Growing up in a family of Headhunters, she has extensive training in Guerilla Marketing and Job Hunting tactics, incorporating them in her Coaching. She is inspired by people and creativity, languages and education. It is her dream to one day assist others in their empowerment, on a larger scale.

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