Christa Nel

South Africa

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Hi! I am an Ashtanga trained instructor but I enjoy practicing and teaching a wide variety of classes.

Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood and since then I have been have explored and practiced many different styles of yoga.

At present I offer Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Beginner and private classes and soon I will also be adding 'corporate yoga', 'yoga for rock climbers' and kids yoga.

My classes are suited for anyone interested in yoga and my classes are aimed at a beginner level of practice. Flexibility and strength are not required to start these classes or yoga in general. Yoga is a growing practice and these elements of flexibility and strength are developed throughout the practice.

I believes that each individual is unique in their body and their ability and that it is important to “listen to your body”.
The aim of these classes is to assist students to become confident in their own practise so they may gain the most benefit from their yoga. The classes focus on guiding students in the correct posture and proper alignment by also offering students various modifications as to maximise the healing benefit of their practise and assist students to develop their own consistent and joyful practise.

I aim at keeping my classes light hearted and fun as to keep an air of comfort and openness in the space.

Essentially the goal of these classes is to create movement in the body, peace in the mind and joy in heart and for you to leave the class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated all at the same time.

Hope to see you soon!

Other interests include, rock climbing, hiking, diving, holistic living and teaching

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