Christian Bender


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My yogic roots lie in traditional Hatha-Yoga Sivananda style (and also some Satyananda), but I have always in my own practise included more dynamic sequences. So expanding towards more dynamic styles came very naturally for me.
First I tried Ashtanga, but that wasn't quite what I was looking for. That I found in Vinyasa Flow, which has been the mayor influence for my Yoga practise in the last years.

I don't teach 'pure' Vinyasa though. I try to 'ground' it with traditional Hatha, so I call it "Hatha-Flow".

My lastest Yoga Love has been Acro(batic) Yoga and I wish I would have found it earlier.

Besides beeing a full time Yoga Instructor and running my studio, I also hold a MA in German Literature, Philosophy and Political Science and am a certified teacher for German as a foreign language.


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