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To call my yoga hatha is limiting as I include movements & postures from tai-chi, capoeira, ashtanga and dance. It´s a creative mix where I learnt a lot from travelling all over the world, attending classes and meeting teachers to get inspiration & dwell on how and what to teach - and why.

I simply call it YesYoga.

It is liberated from incense and Indian prayers and I also name the postures with English or Swedish names - because there are names in our language. But it is full of adventure. No class is the same. I take pride in renewing my repertoire every week and to learn from those yoga teachers who constantly re-invent & never rely on the auto-pilot.

Music is an important, organic ingredient in all my classes.

I did my first yoga at age 14 as part of a meditation course. I remember all of my postures from that time. Later, when I took up yoga frequently 15 years ago, I found that I had a special gift: remembering postures. As my yoga builds on variation - no class is ever exactly the same - it´s a very good gift.

I was a journalist (TV, radio, newspapers, consultant) for the most part of my professional life when I decided to change path 5 yrs ago.

I do not want to have my own studio - I´m rather a "yoga nomad", reaching out to students whereever they are; at music festivals, places of work, schools - even clubs.

• I do yoga pod-casts (Yoga Radio Sessions) w my dj Curt Lundberg

• I do Yoga DJ Sessions, w Curt and w other dj:s

• I do Blacklight Yoga Sessions w Danielle

• I arrange yoga retreats on the island of Thassos in Greece

• Work-shops - the next one on respiration Febr 21st is advertised here on Yoga Trail

My work w yoga classes rests on three pillars:

1. my own classes on the south side of Stockholm (Telefonplan, Mälarhöjden, Enskede)

2. classes at the gyms of Fitness24Seven in the center of Stockholm and on the south side and

3. clubs, schools, private classes, housing associations, corporate assignments, yoga travel, work-shops etc.

All of my own classes and work-shops can be booked on-line at
And my website is
If you are curious about the YesYoga music: on Spotify

Welcome to Stockholm´s coolest yoga. You´re in for an adventure.


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