Christie Delahunt

Port Dover, ON
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Contact for private, semi private, Corporate and special event booking. We have a beautiful 2700 sq ft yoga studio space as well as the option for me to come to you! With over 20 years experience in yoga, movement training and therapeutic applications I am adept at teaching all levels of experience and facilitating a supportive and fun learning environment.

I am a yogi, yoga educator, spiritual activist, mother by choice and by divine intervention and art enthusiast!

I have the pleasure of facilitating and co-creating with our community our yoga and wellness studio , the twisted fish, in Port Dover , Ontario.

My journey into the world of yoga began as an effort to manage my personal mental health and a lifetime of periodic and debilitating depression. Almost from the very moment my feet hit the mat I felt like I had come home to myself. I felt more at ease and more comfortable in my own skin.
The practice quickly became a passion for me and one that I wanted to share.
Initially taught by an Iyengar trained teacher, mentored by a Kripalu and Ashtangi yogi and inspired endlessly by Vinyassa flow practice my own practice and teaching styles are alignment based, heart centered and flow organically. Having trained in therapeutic yoga and Thai Yoga massage and as a personal fitness trainer, I have many different modalities I draw on for teaching and working one on one with clients.

Basic Bio and Experience
-trained at Mohawk College in the ACE Personal Fitness Trainers program in 1999
-in 2002 took Yoga Teacher Training with Denise Davis Gains at Atlas Yoga Studio (200 hrs)
-completed first and second levels of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
-completed training in Thai Yoga Massage with Drew Hume of Navina Thai Yoga Therapy
-completed Vinyasa Teacher Training with Seane Corn in October 2014 at 889 Yoga

From the studio perspective;
Having worked with other wonderful teachers such as Seane Corne, Leslie Kaminoff, and Bo Forbes – as well as hundreds of clients – Christie is adept at making yoga accessible for just about any population. From individuals in need of therapeutic applications, to athletes in training, or larger groups in schools and the workplace, Christie fluently incorporates her well-rounded knowledge of the physical, psychological, and spiritual practice of yoga into her teaching and life.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Christie is very knowledgable about everything you would hope a yoga instructor would know. I'm honoured to attend her classes. If you get a chance don't miss out!

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Lives her Yoga

Christie simply lives and breaths yoga and it is a truly wonderful experience to land in her studio and her class. The physical practice is always just what I need (somehow she knows) and enriched by her deep understanding of yoga philosophy and living from a place of love and kindness.
Her knowledge of anatomy and the human body is unsurpassed and her classes are accessible to every body, no matter its age, level of fitness or shape.
It is truly evident that she loves her yoga and sharing it with everyone who lands in her class. It is a pleasure to learn from her, always.

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Perfect mix

Christie is an incredible and inspiring instructor. She creates a space for doing yoga that is grounded in safety and body awareness but gives that room and instruction to take your practice to whatever level you need and aspire to. She has taught me so much and helped me be the yogi that I am. The space is beautiful and Christies attention to spirit and body all at once makes practicing with her magic. Oh and if sweat is what you are going for - she will deliver :)

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<3 Gratitude.

I began my yoga journey in the loving, challenging, spiritual, creative and empowering space held by Christie. Every time I unroll my mat in the community studio she has brought to life I know I will move and be moved. From gentle to power and everything in between her practices give me something for my body, mind and soul. I rise from my final rests empowered, challenged, inspired, contemplative and awaiting the next class. "Every opportunity for grace and for growth".


I'm honoured my home studio is home to Christie. In my short years of beginning yoga I've practiced in studios from Halifax to Vancouver and there's just something so much MORE that Christie brings to my practice.

From the heart. Thank you for the teacher you are and the space you've created. <3

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Simply the best...

I have done yoga for years, in different cities and with dozens of teachers, and I can honestly say Christie is the best. She is a perfect mix of experience and knowledge, and warmth and fun. She is passionate and truly believes in her teachings and also creating an open and safe community space for all!

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Simply the Best

Best addition to Port Dover for sure!

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A Teacher for Everyone!

If you are looking for a beautiful, comfortable, safe and inspiring practice, this is the space and yoga teacher for you. It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from or what state of body/health you are working with. Christie is what yoga is all about.

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She is awesome!!!

Love her classes!!

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Christie @ twisted fush

I take Christies classes because I come away enriched. Healthy challenge on every level during class with clarity and nurturing.

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Love yoga with Christie!

Wish I had time to go more often. Christie has the most soothing, calming voice and when I'm in her class, I feel I'm in a better place. It's the one place where I can let my hair down and exhale. I can just be. Won't even mention her Thai yoga massages - my most treasured reward!

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Inspiring and challenging

Love this teacher and have really advanced my practice under her guidance.

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Opens up the yoga world to beginners

We began our yoga journey through a beginners yoga workshop over 6 months ago and have never looked back. We now frequent the studio and love to learn everything we can from all of the talented teachers but Christie especially makes sure that she shows you how to play with yoga and live yoga. She gives you the tools to play with your edge and grow but always has an eye on you to make sure you don't push too far too fast. It's been amazing so far and I can't wait for more lessons and sessions on my mat where I can learn okay and grow under her guidance.

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Love Christie's classes and The Twisted Fish studio

Christie is very warm, welcoming and encouraging. She has a genuine passion for teaching and yoga. She demonstrates a strong desire to lead a life based on kindness, love and generosity. Christie's very knowledgeable about the physical body as well as injuries and is very careful to monitor individual practice. She incorporates postures to improve strength and flexibility while promoting total body health. My experiences practising yoga and all interactions with her are joyful.

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Loving yoga.

Have been doing yoga at the Tisted Fish for six months and I absolutely love it. Christy is an amazing teacher. She has helped me learn and grow. I am learning to centre myself and participate in life with more enjoyment. Thank you Christy.