Christin Buttel

Miami, FL
United States
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After almost a decade of practicing yoga on and off, I began to devote myself more intensely to my practice. I started to notice not only a change in my muscle tone, energy was up and stress was down, but more importantly I noticed an internal shift. I was becoming more aligned with my spirituality somehow. I had to know why! How was this happening?! What was the secret key within this series of bodily movements that could unlock these things within me? So I decided to live in India for 2 months and get to the bottom of things! I chose the Holy City of Rishikesh in the Himalayan mountains because it was the birthplace of yoga. I devoted myself to a deep daily practice, meditation, studying with different gurus and reading ancient yogic texts while maintaining an ascetic enough lifestyle that I could deeply focus on my studies and asana practice. I obtained my Ashtanga Vinyasa certification and have been teaching ever since, hoping to bring to my students the same fullfillment and peace that yoga has given me. Having worked 8 years as a social worker, I know the value of imparting to someone a skill they can use forever to improve their quality of life. A gift that keeps giving, so to speak!


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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