Christina Christoph

Online, Brighton
London and East Sussex
United Kingdom

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I teach open level yoga classes, with an emphasis on synchronising breath and movement to find a graceful flow and greater ease in the body and mind. Classes are choreographically sequenced to a steady pace, which allows students the space to strengthen, lengthen and balance. I teach strengthening and movement skill orientated Vinyasa-style flow yoga, as well as rejuvenating and relaxing Yin & Restorative yoga. A key element of my programme of classes is a practice called iRest yoga Nidra. This is a deeply relaxing and healing mindfulness technique; this particular practice is used by the American military to treat PTSD and has been scientifically researched and proven to alleviate stress, insomnia & depression and to enhance creativity and executive functioning. I'm an advanced level (500hr) teacher. In non-Covid times.

I teach my own programme of yoga online, in-person workshops and retreats which anyone can join. I also teach corporates and one on one clients.

You can find out more and book classes here:

A personal note from me:
Things have changed somewhat this year for us all and we must roll with changes as best as possible. Before CO19, I taught classes at the UK’s leading Yoga studio Triyoga, as well as at Dragonfly studio in London. As the studios closed, I took my classes online.

I now have a growing community of students who practice with me in their gardens, bedrooms and living rooms regularly. It’s a welcoming community of people who are keeping up their practice whatever the situation. Some work from home (sometimes with their children in tow) and some don’t. There are parents, couples, singles, older people, younger people and everyone in between. My online classes are completely inclusive. Everyone is welcome, and I’d love you to join us.

My programme of LIVE yoga and holistic fitness classes runs across the week via Zoom on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s. There are a range of classes that together make up a complete programme for holistic fitness. They include: various physical yoga practices, Yoga Nidra (a form of deep guided awareness meditation, sometimes called dream or sleep yoga) and Step Cardio training. Options include drop in or monthly unlimited class passes. I have tried to keep options affordable and inclusive. I also offer class spaces for free or at a reduced rate for those in financial difficulties. If you are struggling please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange that.

I am starting to teach face to face classes, weekend workshops and day retreats at two semi open-air studios right on the beach in Brighton. These start in July. They are safe, ventilated, socially distanced classes and events for those who’d like some real time in community, breathing in sea air and nature I’m a firm believer that connecting to nature is one of the most soulful things we can do. It’s worth a trip to the South Coast if you can get here.

Do contact me with questions or for private group, one on one and corporate bookings. I’m always happy to chat and work something out.

Hope to see you on the mat, or on the beach.



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