Christina Karkania


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I started practicing yoga on a volcanic beach in 2005; this is still my favourite place to practice.
It started off as a game - and a desire to see the world upside down - and that is a feeling I wish to nurture and share as my practice progresses and expands.
Currently, my focus is to remove any obstacles in my breath, movement, thought and action, so as to experience greater freedom.
What I wish to conquer through my practice is a joyful balance between the calm simplicity of an ascetic practice and the lust for life.
Since most of the divisions and yoga styles don't mean much to me - I practice and teach hatha yoga, the yoga of the union. My lessons can be slow, quick, strong, relaxed, or all the above, as this is how I believe one can make the most of the practice.
I obtained my 200hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at Bhavana School, in Athens, where -among so many other things- I learned to be more conscious about both my movement and my words.


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