Christina Tangney


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Yoga teacher (hot flow and flow in normal room temperatures. Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I found yoga shortly after starting a busy work schedule in 2001. I was always involved in a diverse range of sports, and it wasn't until I tried yoga that I was able to gain more clarity and understanding of my body.

Today I enjoy many different styles of yoga, however my passion is practising from a place of what the body needs for that specific moment. My passion for yoga is to make it accessible for everybody, it’s not about being the most flexible person, or what the shape of their body and fitness level is. It’s about connecting to your true self through commitment to always learn, self-love and honour to your body. Yoga for me is also like food and nutrition, the body not only needs healthy foods specific for it's bio-individual needs, it also needs the right type of movement for that particular day. There are no two days alike. With yoga there is much variety to explore!


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