Christine Davidson

Canmore, AB

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Passionate about Yoga, Skiing & Dance

Something magical happens when you commit yourself to dedicated study of a physical discipline. Beyond mastering the skills and techniques of your craft, you reveal deep inner truths about yourself and the world around you that help shed light on the path of your personal journey. Whey you are fully living your life's passion all your actions become offerings in the service of something bigger. Not only is this deeply rewarding for you but it tends to elevate all those around you.

Over the years my Yoga practice has evolved to become a great stabilizing force in my life and an access point for deep and profound insight. Now, as a teacher of movement I depend on my body for my lively hood. My personal Yoga practice has become the way I protect and rejuvenate my body so I can continue enjoying the mountain playground I live and work in. Most significantly Yoga has allowed me to experience the richness of living life more mindfully present and content with what is, Santosha.

I love sharing my knowledge of yoga and skiing biomechanics so my students can take insights from their yoga practice off the mat and into the mountains. In my classes I emphasize the importance of learning how to maintain healthy range of motion in the joints as well as stabilize the core and pelvis so as to reduce strain on the low back and knees while alpine skiing. I incorporate breath work and mediation into my classes to help students gain insight into their capacity to reside in a place of calm regardless what is going on around them. Mostly I create a safe space for students to explore, grow, and transform themselves through this beautiful ancient practice of yoga.

Christine Davidson is a:

Yoga Alliance Registered Hatha Teacher
Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance Certified, Level 3
Grant MacEwan Dance Program Graduate


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