Christine Free (Teeny) Cheverier

Fayetteville, NC
United States

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I always feel so funny writing a "bio", there is always just so much to share and what words could really truly capture a human being? We are so much more than words <3 But the basics right? I am a Free Spirit and embrace my gypsy heart, married to the love of my life and am surrounded by my soul tribe no matter how far physically I travel from them, my soul tribe tends to get larger as I move about and I stinkin love it<3
I found peace in the yoga philosophy and have a renewed thirst for life as I go about my journey and a have the goal of spreading love, health, wellness, laughter, and smiles every where I go! I want to be able to help others want to walk down a path that leads them to happiness, we can lead a horse to water but we cannot make him drink, but at least being able to show other options is enough. I am an outdoor enthusiast and love being active in the fresh air any way possible! I love Yoga, I love life, I love every moment good or bad, because really they are all the same, moments to learn from.


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