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Christine Marguerite


I work as a massage therapist (as well as a yoga instructor and meditation facilitator), my primary modalities being Thai massage, breathwork, energy clearing, and immune support. I am currently practicing as part of the Healing Arts Collective here in CB, as well Sanctuary Somatics in Gunnison. Originally, I came to doing bodywork through yoga – firstly Thai yoga bodywork through the Lotus Palm school. It took me another 15 years before I was ready to become a full time bodyworker. I graduated from Mountain Heart School here in Crested Butte in 2015. My primary love at the moment is the fascia and nervous system, and, of course, BREATHING … going deep, going gentle, to go far - with any aspect of self … Following is more detailed background info on my history and class offerings …

Offerings: Burning enthusiasm. Aka tapas. Whether we are sweatin’ out the impurities, or chillin’ the F out, embracing practice is where it’s at. I love helping people feel more embodied and expansive in their embodiment. I have taught the full gamut of yoga class from restorative yoga (one of my favorite practices), to vigorous vinyasa, to meditation retreats. Oh ya, and I swear a lot… ☺ lovelovelovelovelovelove in all its forms is the root of what we do on the matt.

My current offerings include:
Body Prayer Vinyasa: a graceful, deep vinyasa flow designed to enliven your mind/heart, body, soul, spirit, and whatever else you have, in a ritual of movement, sweat, intention, breath and love. The underlying theme is self-appreciation and activation of the eros/agape cycle of connection with Source.

Restorative Yoga : a long, slow, langourous practice combining restorative, yin, and somatic practices. A good class to practice intention setting (sankalpa). This is the effortless letting-go side of practice, using lots of props – deeply restorative for the nervous system. CTFO.
Nightynight Yoga for Insomniacs: the melt and float class. A gentle practice with lots of deep breathing, gentle stretching and tension release. Take the sleeping meds AFTER class so I don’t have to peel you off the floor ..thank you.

Bio: My mother is my original yoga influence, and my first introduction to yoga as a child. While she practiced in the matt, I was drawn to the contemplative practices and began meditation practice at a ripe 13 years old (more about my meditation background in the next section). Though I continued different meditation practices, my path was that of a dancer, until my body crashed in my late 20s, and I found myself in Iyengar yoga classes at the behest of my mom. The matt practice dovetailed nicely with my movement meditation practice, and I was enthusiastically was off and running. My first training was in ’97 through the Nosara Institute, and my first years of teaching mentorship were through the Harvard Square Yoga Center in Cambridge, Ma. I eventually landed at the Kripalu Center to deepen my studies and practice, living there for a year, primarily working with Michael Carrol and Stephen Cope, among others. At Kripalu, I met Donna Farhi, Erich Schiffman And Rod Stryker, (and many many others) all of whom I eventually studied and trained with extensively over the next 10+ years. During this time, I earned a masters degree in somatics and consciousness studies from Lesley University. I also moved to Key West, Fl., where I taught for most of my 30s, eventually co-leading a basic yoga teacher training with Green Tara Yoga. By the end of this period of my life, I began to delve deeper into my meditation practice, eventually teaching within the Buddhist tradition. Currently, after 30 plus years of study and teaching, I offer classes and private session drawing from all the above influences (and many more not mentioned), encouraging a light-hearted approach to the deeper practices.

Offerings: How much freedom can you handle? There is value in simply chilling out and feeling good. There is also more … why stop at good feels when you can have freedom? When is it best to expand into freedom, and when is it better to just CTFO?
Let’s explore what is possible:

PEACE practice: drawing on different techniques of tranquility practice, metta concentration and cultivating positive feel, we will become glowey and shiney! In Buddhism, these are known as the heart practices, brahma vihara practice and jhana/bliss practices.
FREEDOM practice: This is essentially a Vipassana or Insight practice, where we learn techniques that, if practiced consistently and well, can lead to awakening, and at the very least, a reduction in stress and suffering.

Bio: I started a formal practice as a tween, which essentially was a yoga based concentration practice on the chakras and energy flow through the body. In my twenties, I was In NYC where I got new-agey with a formal practice, still focusing on the energy systems of the body, but included some pagan magik influences. I eventually found my way back into the yoga system, where I practiced, as most yogis do, the basic Patanjali path of concentration. This lead me to the more ritualistic Tantra practices, and devotional practices with malas, deities, firepits, and the like. From here, it was an easy slide into Tibetan Buddhism and the dakini practices of Tsutrim Allione. A few years into this, I became aware of Ken Wilber and his Integral approach to life, as well as his distinctly Buddhist approach to formal mediation. This completely re-arranged my approach and beliefs. My quest for a teacher lead me to Dharma Punx, and eventually back to NYC, where I practiced with Josh Korda and the crew there. In France, I delved deeper into insight meditation practice with Martin Ayleward. In the states, I began studying with other Insight teachers, most influential have been Rodney Smith and Shinzen Young. On one retreat with Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (the mother organization of the Dharma Punx) I met George Haas, one of the assistant teachers, who again opened up a new world of practice. I completed a 2year mentorship training program with George Haas (Metta Group) and Joanna Harper (Against the Stream) in Los Angeles. I currently study with George Haas, Mike Zittel, and Shinzen Young. I offer private mentorship online, and occasional classes and ½ day retreats in the Gunnison Valley.


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