Christine McGregor

United Kingdom
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I have been teaching yoga for 8 years, in and around Macclesfield. I offer drop-in classes or a reduction in cost for booking a course (usually 6-8 weeks). In addition I offer 1:1 sessions where the content of each session is tailored to individual needs with email and audio support between sessions. My classes focus mainly on the physical aspects of yoga, to increase flexibility and to strengthen and tone the body. I always include a meditation time at the start of the class and a very welcome relaxation at the end, helping people to reduce stress and tension. During the classes I emphasize working to one's own abilities and offer options where there are physical restrictions, enabling everyone in the class to participate, improve and find enjoyment.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

52 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Christine McGregor Yoga Review

Christine is an excellent yoga teacher and I love the classes she runs. Christine provides options for different yoga moves so you can increase your challenge levels and work at your own pace. Christine is friendly and organised and I would recommend her classes to anyone at any level ??

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Excellent teacher, friendly environment

I thorouhly recommend Christine’s classes. She is a very experienced teacher and demonstrates all movements, which is helpful. The environment is friendly and welcoming. The lessons are suitable for all abilities as Christine always mentions modifications where appropriate. Really enjoy these classes!

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Yo for Yoga !

I love my Monday yoga session and after Christine’s
easily followed and demonstrated positions I feel very relaxed inside and out at the end of every session ! Thanks Christine

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Always a great class

I have been attending Christine's class for approx 5 years, i attend once a week but wish i had more time to attend more. Christine is an excellent yoga teacher and demonstrates all her poses aswell as walking the room to assist others in there practice. i always recommend Christine to my friends, all of which now practice with her too.

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Very enjoyable classes

Christine's classes are always well structured and allow her students to practise within their own ability.

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Wry enjoyable classes

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Christine McGregors classes

I have been attending Christines practices for 6 months and find her classes fantastic for my flexibility and overall wellbieng.
The practices are for suitable every level of experience, are conducted without pressure and have a friendly atmosphere.

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Christine is a really good yoga teacher.
Very friendly and made me feel very welcome straight away.
I have only attended her class 3 or four times and each time she has greeted me with my first name, which considering the amount of people who attended her classes, is amazing!
I really enjoy going to her classes as I find her methods challenging and feel great afterwards.

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Very supportive and inclusive with all levels of the yoga group

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars

Only been doing yoga for a few weeks now and really enjoying the experience , doing wonders for my back problem.

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Yoga with Christine

Thoroughly enjoyable classes, Christine offers great support and caters to my ability level superbly. She is also flexible with scheduling and the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming.

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Well structured classes.

Christine runs good mixed friendly classes, with options to suit every ability. The poses can be approached according to one's requirements, from a good stretch to a more challenging move which can be held for longer. Individuality is encouraged into experimenting what is good for oneself. Classes always finish with a good balance of having worked the body and relaxation, therefore some personal fulfilment.

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New Yoga devotee

Only recently taken up Yoga and joined Christine's Monday night class. The class is excellent, welcoming, friendly and Christine explains and demonstrates all the moves and gives easier options for the new people for the more challenging positions.

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excellent yoga teacher

friendly and patient with beginners.

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excellent teacher

Classes are well prepared, adapted to different abilities and promote relaxation.

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Monday night Yoga

I’m new to yoga and have been attending Christine’s classes for about 6 weeks.
She clearly talks you through the different routines. Firstly demonstrates how to do the exercises, then monitors your progress and prompts you where adjustments/corrections are needed.
I have found the classes well structured and enjoyable

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I am new to Yoga and this class is great.The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. Christine quietly talks us through the positions, and provides options for beginners and those who are more advanced.

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Really look forward to my weekly sessions. Come away having left my tension behind.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I have been attending Christine's class for the last 6 months and I really enjoy it. I feel I get a lot out of it. I can feel a difference in my flexibility, and I am calmer! I think Christine strikes the right balance between challenging us but not pushing us too hard. Classes are relaxed and enjoyable whilst being organised and full of yoga content.

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I have returned to yoga after a few years break and have found Christine to be very helpful and supportive. She makes sure we work to our own capabilities.

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Brilliant and very helpful

Christine is a very attentive and experienced teacher who explains every move very well and is very helpful. She explains about breathing whilst doing exercises . I look forward to my Monday sessions every week and would do another session with her if I could afford it. Well done Christine..

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Very welcoming

I'm new to yoga and Christine made me feel very welcome and at ease joining the group. Thank you - I should have joined years ago!

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friendly teacher

A friendly,helpful class. As a new person to yoga Christine has welcomed me and ensured I understand safe practices within the class

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Great yoga teacher, great classes.

I really enjoy Christine's classes. She is very welcoming and teaches in a way that enables everyone in the class to work at their own ability and requirement and to get as much out of each session as possible. My core strength and flexibility has improved enormously and I feel much more able to tune into my breathing and how my body feels.

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Great Teacher!

Really friendly, experienced yoga teacher. Love the classes and would happily recommend.