Christine Palamidessi

Cambridge, MA
United States
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Teaches Alignment( Iyengar) yoga and Living Well Network Yoga, for people 45 and over. Saturday classes for LWN at Lesley University. Alignment Yoga through Tufts Medical Health Plan; lessons are private.

Privates instruction available in student home or teacher's studio. Private specialty: relaxation, releasing excess energy from head and shoulders.

Practicing yoga since 80s, teaching since 2007. 500 RYT Certification.

Blogs about yoga: 2009/11/03

For Yogi exhibit TIME, BREATH& EVIDENCE. Visit website. for more info .


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great Yogi and Teacher

Christine is a yogi who concentrates on teaching her students how to safely use yoga to improve their breathing, health and fitness, being careful of any health issues they have.

She asks each new student if they have any health issues, and checks in periodically with everyone on any new changes. During class she explains poses, including any variations individual students need.


She has on occasion noted a student's having an issue moving their body, they hadn't realized they had.

Christine also monitors the entire class, and corrects each student as needed. This includes gentle effective use of her hands to help students into the proper alignment and motion.

Each class is different, using both what's been taught recently, while covering new ground. They focus on being fun while improving her student's knowledge of their bodies in another way. This includes specific points of anatomy, that this class' poses will loosen and strengthen -- which helps students learn their bodies better.

Matt, her husband and an Aikido instructor, usually teaches one Aikido pose, which adds a valuable perspective and change of pace to each class.

Over the year, the classes change to breathe with the weeks, months, and annual cycles, reflecting what is needed due to the weather, and seasonal pace.

All this is done with concern for all, and with humor and fun.

I highly recommend Christine as a yoga teacher.