Christopher Leo

Calgary, AB
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RYT-200HR Yoga came into my life exactly when I needed it. I had flirted with classes in the past, but at that time, in the midst of a packed university life, I did not make regular attendance a habit. Post-university found me working in the trades and yearning for new ways to express my passions and personal interests.

In the midst of significant life change, I found inner comfort, strength, and growth in daily meditation practice. Little did I know that this would be a catalyst for introducing me fully into the beginnings of an asana practice. Following a rejuvenating journey to the Big Island of Hawaii for a yoga/meditation/adventure retreat during Christmas 2014, I connected for the first time the complementary benefits of a moving meditation through yoga with the stillness of seated meditation. I knew I had to explore this further. A serendipitous set of connections soon found me entering into my yoga journey in earnest, working my way through therapeutic yoga teacher training with Mandorla Yoga Institute. As a new teacher, I am so excited to share this knowledge with the Calgary community. Through teaching, I know that my own asana and meditation practice will continue to grow and deepen. I am drawn to the powerful fitness and strengthening elements of movement through yoga, and I have a passion to show others how the connection of these postures with the breath allows one to access a practice of dynamic, moving meditation. My desire is to share the lifelong benefits of such a journey with new practitioners, and to demonstrate that we can carry this meditative awareness off of our mats and into our daily lives. See you on the mat!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderful Teaching Presence

Chris's classes bring an element of athletic challenge from someone who is clearly well versed in the fitness world, yet, the strong, quiet calm that he brings to the mat provides an incredible balance. I absolutely love his classes and am so honoured that I get to work with him!