Christopher Potter

St Kilda VIC

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Originally from Sydney, Chris is a professionally qualified Yoga teacher, Shiatsu Acupressure Massage therapist & Reflexology practitioner. In addition to formal study in the UK and here in Melbourne he has spent a number of years overseas (in India, Thailand, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain & Turkey) studying alternative techniques with various practitioners & teachers first hand.

Chris first came to Yoga in 1999, initially in search of a practical solution to relieve pain in his own spine - created through bad posture and years of ‘sitting’ incorrectly during school, Uni and then a largely seated office job and has since never looked ‘back’ - literally.

Teaching Yoga in Melbourne since 2011, Chris describes his style as Five Element Hatha Yoga - a slow, mindful, less-is-more, traditional and authentic approach to body movement, combining the traditional approaches and practises of Haṭha Yoga with the seasonal themes and Five Element organ systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - cultivated from many dedicated years of past as well as ongoing study of Eastern Philosophy along with the practical experience of a large array of many different Yoga styles along the way.

Chris is passionate about ensuring that Yoga is made available to every body - that every body is unique and able to feel the benefits of Yoga, that all shapes and sizes are able to feel comfortable in their practise and that we should be concerned much less about how the posture looks (the form) and much more on how the posture feels (the function), about promoting strength as being just as important as flexibility, reaching the wider local community by also teaching weekly classes as part of Windana’s natural health Drug & Alcohol Detox Program as well as a Chair Yoga Class (initially established in conjunction with the MS St Kilda Peer Support Group Inc).

Saṁyoga (pronounced ‘sahm’yoga, sanskrit for 'lucky', 'chance' and ‘integration’) respectfully integrates traditional Haṭha Yoga practices with updated techniques from a solid anatomy & physiology foundation, encouraging only mindful, healthy & rebalancing body movements of the spine, core & limbs.

Sessions & classes cater for every level, tailored for both men & women, all body types, sizes, ages and levels of strength & flexibility. All practices are safely introduced and then modified or developed upon for each unique practitioner, unifying a rhythmic flow of movement (āsana), breathing (prāṇāyāma), sound (mantrā), gesture (mudra), relaxation, contemplation & meditation with TCM theory & philosophy.

Saṁyoga teaches a holistic view of the body, inviting communication with the student’s own inner teacher and promoting self-enquiry into the various connections between networks of parts, organs, systems & centres that lie within.

Individual ‘self-practice’ is inspired both on and off the mat, allowing students to extrapolate beneficial practices into daily life, cultivating a ‘fitness’ of body, mind & emotions as well as a steady clarity & integrity of thoughts, words & actions.

Click on the following links for more information on Weekly Classes, Seasonal Immersions or Private Tuition, Shiatsu Acupressure Massage or Foot Reflexology.


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