Chryssilia Koliou


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I started practicing yoga asana as a student in England, however my very first acquaintance with yoga took place when I was still a teenager - living back then in a small town of Northern Greece - and assigned a homework on yogic philosophy & lifestyle! As I was studying about the life experiences of yogis I felt enchanted and it was just then that a seed had been forever planted in my head.

Years later, having just returned to Greece, leading a life far from my true interests and principals, overworked and overstressed, the memory of this very first enchantment lead me search for relief in a yoga class. There I met my yoga teacher, Swami Nirvikalpa, who helped me shape a new approach towards yoga, beyond the physical level I learned as a student. A liberating feeling overwhelmed my body and mind; following my need for self exploration and transformation, I decided to enrol to my 1st Teacher Training Course and deepen my practice. I welcomed yoga in my daily life and everything changed since.

Today, as a yoga instructor I feel it as an inner need and duty to share the tools of yoga with those in need. I need to share the joy, the rawness, the intelligence of yoga and guide you through your own journey of self exploration.


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