Cielo English

Vancouver, BC
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What started my Yoga practice? Visualizations for competative sports.
Once I experienced the connection to myself through the practice there has been no turning back. Curiosity has kept me in deep practice since my early 20's, and has become the underpinnings to everything in my life. The practice has served me by enabling me to stand in my center through some of life's most challenging experiences, and it has saved my life. I am blessed to have the company of devoted practitioners and teachers in my community and have studied with the most brilliant and inspiring Teachers one could ever dream to have. To be doing and living what you love is the biggest gift, and one which I savor everyday.
I teach throughout the Lower Mainland, and have developed and implemented the first Yoga Teacher Training at Simon Fraser University. I have the delight of being on Faculty with the Pacific Rim College offering Therapeutics for Doulas, love delving into the energy of group classes, and the sensitivity of private therapeutics. It's my endeavor to bring yoga to our youth within the high schools, and my passion to mentor newer Teachers on their path.
My study has it's first roots in India with my beloved Teacher of Iyengar who's rich teachings serve me to this day. Since 2002 I have taught internationally, and have returned to my birthplace here in Vancouver to teach since 2005.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Wow. It is hard to put into words how I feel about Cielo as a teacher, but I'll try! She is truly amazing!! I am so blessed to have had Cielo as my teacher! She is such a beautiful soul, it has been such a pleasure and really a blessing to have worked with her. I could not have asked for a better person to have guided me through this journey. She is so very knowledgeable and inspiring. I can't say enough good things about her! Thank you for sharing your passion and experience with me Cielo!

Cielo EnglishApril 26, 2021
It's like Christmas finding this here!!

Michelle, words of the heart coming from you truly pierce my soul. I have experienced the depths of you and the continual opening of your heart...which is in fact hard to imagine as you are one of the most co passionate loving souls I have been blessed to know. I am humbled that you have this experience, and I am so blessed to have shared this with you. Om Namayah shivaya!!
Sanam my dear friend!

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Cielo English brings heart, knowledge and intuition to every class. Her support and willingness to understand each individual in her class is inspirational and supports confidence in all. She is a gracious instructor and befriends all.

Cielo EnglishApril 22, 2015
to kind!

Thank you Violet, you make me blush, but really, the exchange has to be on both ends. If we are all a reflection of each other, you must also know then that you are an inspiration to me! You are one of the brightest lights and open hearts that I have ever met.

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Cielo English is a gifted Yoga Teacher, and inspires her students both in and out of yoga practice.

Cielo EnglishApril 22, 2015
A beautiful soul

Laurie, it was apparent from the moment we met that you are so full of life and love. The gift of being in your company is always unfolding. Thinking of you brings a warm smile to my face. It takes allot to go through transformations as you have been so willing to do. To stand in the eye of the Tornado and root down to stand tall in all of who you are, and to be born into your truth is Grace. Thank you for being.

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Very good teacher

I had amazing experience with her course. I highly recommend her course.

Cielo EnglishApril 22, 2015
Ryoko Yoga Teacher on the rise

Ryoko you are a force to be reckoned with. What a devoted and loving heart. Your vision is clear, and as you can see, your hard work and openness to learn has served you well. I love your energy and drive. People, this woman is about to knock your socks off~ in a great way!

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Cielo is perfect

I was her student and was really impressed by her experience and knowledge

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
One word - Amazing!

Always seems to know what I need and finds a way to bring me there. Every class is different but always ends with me being so glad that I came.

Cielo EnglishApril 13, 2015
Sandy McLaughlin

I get to be with the most amazing people in my time as a Teacher, the best part of sharing the practice is connecting from the heart.
Love & Light