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Namaste, I am Cilica, registered yoga therapy practitioner, teacher, and educator with 46 years of yoga practice and 25 years teaching. My primary training is in traditional, classical, power, kirpalu, chakra, ashtanga and therapeutic yoga….though I delve into all aspect of yoga to remain open in my training.

Present in my yoga teaching is intuition, compassion, humour and a meditative nature (meditation master). I ran a yoga studio for five years, develop yoga and meditation training courses, and am a director of yoga samgata an international yoga membership organisation.

My aim is to help students unlock their potential, freedom, gain new perspectives, and clarity. By reawakening their innate nature and grounding to the earth through all aspects of yoga, my desire is to strengthening their interconnection of body, mind and spirit.

Experience includes teaching a variety of classes: mum & baby, pregnancy, children’s, power, therapy, vinyasa, hatha yogasana, meditation, mindfulness, restorative and more. (I love variety).

Presently my workshops and yoga teacher training are in Canada and the UK, with retreats in the tropics. I maintain a yoga therapy practice with international students.

**With the death of my father this past Christmas day, I am taking time off from teaching until May 28. Please feel free to contact me anytime before this, as you wish.

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3 x Healing Sessions$225180 min   Book
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