Cindy Chalmers

Atlanta, GA
United States

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As a certified yoga instructor, I use yoga asanas or movements to aid in therapy for pre existing physical and emotional conditions. I work one on one with the client in their own home for detailed individualized instruction.
I am a board certified holistic health practitioner through the AADP. Specializing in meditation and breathing techniques, reiki through local or long distance, reiki master instruction training with certification, chakra clearing and balancing. Having worked with people and animals to create better understanding within themselves and inner peace to create better understanding with and of others. Using techniques I have been given and have continued to develop since I was 12 years old, through several curriculum and certifications, I am able to work with the individual to help and heal.
Please message me to set up a personalized yoga session and/or ask for more information.
I find that incorporating life coaching techniques with artistic expression works brilliantly to help people find and express their true inner selves.


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