Cindy Lauter

Titusville, FL
United States

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My life as a poser began as an active person with lots of injuries. These injuries required LOTS of hardware. Pain was an omnipresent presence. Relief was found through yoga practice. The revelation was so profound it lead me to my dharma, my life path and vocation. I am still in awe that this vintage gal with this not so perfect body is at last happy joyous and free.
I traveled to Peru for my RYT 200 certification October 2014. Under the healing rejuvenating energy of the Andes a small group of of astounding yogis learned the mechanics of yoga. We took our lessons to villages and worked with the people bringing health and healing to their bodies.
Coming home I was further honored by Beatrice Phillip, of The Inverted Elephant here in Titusville, when she asked me to begin teaching Yin Yoga. That was an important and growth filled time in my life. I now teach everywhere I go, teaching Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra, the Yoga of Recovery, Chair yoga and Restorative yoga. I continue to educate and expand my knowledge of yoga.
The year 2017 will bring me to Amrit Yoga Institute where I will begin my 500 RYT certification. Amrit Yoga Institute is my home away from home where I recharge, renew and educate. I am looking forward to bringing more to the mat for my students.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

18 Reviews

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Cindy switches up each class. Have learned so much from her and my body is much happier. Love her in the hot water pool. So glad I met Cindy.

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Since closings of yoga and other venues due to Covid 19, we have missed Cindy's classes at Parrish Health and Fitness; really missed them! Despite these difficult times, Cindy finds creative ways to continue to provide instruction, support, and inspiration. She is beacon of light and love cheering us on with her good humor and her caring. Her professional skills and her example as a huge hearted yogi and teacher are a treasure to all who have the privilege of her instruction and friendship. May her light shine on!

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Cindy is a very caring and knowledge instructor. I recommend her to everyone who cares about their health and quality of life.

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Blood Pressure Down, Best Medical Report in Ten Years! Thks

I am a 70 year old female snowbird, and enjoy Cindy’s classes at Parrish Fitness Center. When I went in for my annual physical, my doctor asked what I had been doing, as my numbers were the best in over ten years! My blood pressure was down, as was my heart rate. I attribute all this to Cindy’s Yin and Therapeutic Yoga classes. She is an excellent teacher, with a tender, loving voice. She transports us all to a place of tenderness and peace, with love for all. She helps us be safe and comfortable with props and has an excellent knowledge of the body. She is very safety conscious, especially with those of us who are not in such great athletic shape. I would recommend her very highly! Thanks, Elaine Rourke, Titusville, FL

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Amazing woman

I have always liked Yoga. I thought it was just about centering and balancing techniques. Since taking her class, I am discovering that it is healing, both body and mind. I am glad she stepped in to teach this class. Having fun and, looking forward to the next one.

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A Sparkly, Spiritual, loving presence

She cares for her students both physically and spiritually and teaches with such a gentle touch that you hardly realize how much work you are really doing. Continually studying to constantly improve her already profound knowledge of the body and how to keep it healthy. Wonderful, wise teacher & friend to all.

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Yin and Gentle Yoga class Review

I enjoy Cindy's Monday and Wednesday Class at noon, located at the Parrish fitness center. Helps with stiffness and pain management a lot!
Betty Whitmire

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Love her

Very patient and most accommodating. Genuinely nice and kind. Very interested in everyone's well being and ensures each student has a great positive experience.

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Yoga Expert

Cindy is the best! She is always looking for ways to improve her skills. She is very knowledgeable, but most of all, she cares about her students!?

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I started classes with Cindy almost three weeks ago. I was nervous because of extensive back surgery. I now have less pain, more function and more confidence in my body's abilities.
Just an amazing teacher and human being...Much Love!!

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In tune with students

Cindy is by far my favorite yoga instructor. I have multiple sclerosis and her class is the only one I've taken that has helped to reduce pain, reduce spasticity, and increase range of motion/flexibility. Thank you so much cindy

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Knowledgeable and focused

Cindy is a very knowledgeable teacher of yin yoga. She is great at demonstrating forms and helping to make personal adjustments on students to keep them safe and comfortable while attaining the best effect from the forms. I highly recommend Cindy as a yoga teacher

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Cindy's class

I attended Cindy's class when I visited Titusville. I was a little apprehensive because I was going with a friend and I am new to yoga. She was perfect for a newbie. I really enjoyed it and it inspired me to attend a yoga class in my area.

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Cindy's Scire

She is the greatest!

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Compassionate teacher

Cindy is a beautiful soul inside and out. I had an experience of extreme anxiety at 5 AM at the Amrit Yoga institute in Florida and this beautiful soul comforted me in such a compassionate way. She lives yoga principles… Love her!

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My Balanced Yogini

The sliding bars don't allow a valid evaluation. In Cindy's case, she both demonstrates and explains...she offers adjustments as needed but allows self-adjustment for maximum comfort; and she offers explanations of the body and spiritual benefits. Cindy is warm, welcoming & gentle.

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Cindy is the BEST!! A REAL professional!! I find her also to be extremely kind, patient and very helpful!