Cindy Morgan

Riverside, CA
United States

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I'm a registered Nurse and a Yoga instructor. Guess which one I adore? The yoga keeps me healthy the nursing keeps others healthy. I teach at Vasa the studio in Redlands California often subbing at T3 in RVSD and sometimes less frequent at Wicked Pilates. I have a small studio in my home and teach privates here when available. I am first a student first always looking for ways to connect with those I guide. I offer resource to my patients at the hospital for a healthier lifestyle with more involvement in their overall health. Our health begins with what we eat and how we use our bodies in movement. I leave to for Bulgaria this August for an immersion with some of the best instructors on the west coast to widen my yoga experience and improve my teaching knowledge. Yoga changed my life on all levels; mentally, physically and spiritually. I love sharing this journey with others who desire living in the moment and placing value in their personal well being. Thanks for listening! Namaste


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