Cindy Stockdale

Portland, OR
United States

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Cindy's first introduction to yoga was Kareen Zebroff when she was 11 years old. Practising in her mother's room, she would move her body in these then, obscure and foreign ways, trying to unite her breath with these movements. Many years later, at 20, she had the opportunity to go to a class and thought…..I wish I knew how to make people feel like that.

For over 16 years Cindy has moved her body with the intention of unveiling its secrets and seeking self-mastery. Her first teaching training was in 2005 with Paul Dallaghan in the Ashtanga tradition, she has since focused on Anusara and Vinyasa. In conjunction with the yoga, Cindy has degrees in Psychology and Archaeology, as well as certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. Most recently she has been assisting and co-creating a Shamanic Yoga teacher training course in Squamish, British Columbia with her long time teacher and mentor Christine Cromack Selda. The focus with Shamanic Yoga is personal healing through the arts, journeying, asana, chanting, meditation and pranayama.

Cindy believes that ultimately the journey of yoga is one of remembering. There is a call that is answered and through practice and discipline, an incredible truth is revealed and ultimately the remembrance of unity, wholeness and love. Cindy's asana practice is spirited, integrated and heart-warming. Her intention is to stimulate the innate ability we all have to heal and her classes work to inspire and empower others to be an agent of change in their own lives.


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