Cinthia Sabetti

Montréal, QC

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Shanti! Starting off as a semi professional contemporary dancer at the age of 16 and professional at the age of 19, I can honestly say that my knowledge of movement and the workings of the human body are not a mystery to me. Having experience in dance, pilates, alexander technique, table Panchenant and many other fields led me to eventually, after retiring from a short career in dance, to the fitness industry where I became a personal trainer, pilates and aerobics instructor, to name just a few. Yoga came at that point. I have been studing yoga in its traditional form, Viniyoga style, for the past thirteen years and never have stopped! This form of yoga approches the person and does not impose a certain series of movements already set out for them. The yoga is adapted to the individual depending on his disposition, race, sex and many other factors. Viniyoga is centered on breath, movement and relaxation. Key points according to the yoga sutras of patanjali. It also has a medatational aspect to it.
I am now deepening my studies to perfect my yoga therapy to further help those with particular needs. For athletes or illness yoga can help on many levels. I am not only convinced of the transformational power of yoga, but it is engraved in my entire being. My teaching is based on traditional principles that have been used and studied for thousands of years.
Teacher training begins in September 2016!


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