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Hello, everyone!

Who ? It's always difficult to answer this question! Given the context, I try not to go off track: J.

I am a super-passionate of yoga and as a result of life in general. I'm always looking for anything that can make me feel good and that can make others feel good. For this reason years ago I decided to teach yoga. Yoga is not just a glamorous world. Yoga is making sacrifices, yoga is looking inside ourselves! Often we are scared to have to deal with ourselves! But by dealing with this fear, you get rid of fear itself! That's why it is said that yoga makes us free.

Yoga is a journey within oneself that brings us slowly to know and appreciate who we are. That is why it might increase our self-esteem.

This is my mission as a yoga teacher. Facing our physical limits with asanas and mental ones with meditation. But yoga is a lot more than that. In my path, I have dealt with "teachers" who used to say that yoga was just meditation and few asanas giving little importance to alignments, others focusing only on the asana alignments as if yoga was just an activity.

Thanks to these "teachers" I learned what to avoid as a teacher and also learned to find a personal path that led me to be what I am. So, besides the Teachers who gave so much to my growth, I also thank those who, mistakenly, taught me to make little mistakes.

Those who wanted to know me better could follow the blog Let Your Yoga Flow managed by me, Riccardo Mastrorillo and a special guest. J

See you on the yoga mat… ᶺ__ᶺ <3


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