Claire Chant

West Lothian
United Kingdom

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Yoga changed my life! It is both my passion and a way of life. After many years as a regular gym bunny and outdoor running it took leaving a high powered demanding job to make me see where I had been going wrong with my personal health and wellbeing regimes. My conversion to and love affair with yoga took me by surprise and so I began my pathway to teaching.
For over 5 years I have been developing my daily yoga practice that has significantly transformed my health and peace of mind and continues to heel and restore me every day.
Yoga is the channel to my true authentic self and however much or little you practice physically or mentally I am confident that you too will be amazed by the life enhancing benefits of regular practice.

I love teaching and sharing my love of yoga. I am a fully qualified teacher in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.
Yoga is one of the most ancient holistic personal development practices in the world. It is for me the best way to stay grounded, healthy and fit. I am a supporter of mindful subtle yoga where we allow the asanas to take us inside our bodies not the other way round. My classes offer a fusion of dynamic hatha flow and nurturing more passive yin. A deep meditative practice using movement, meditation/mindfulness, and pranayama connecting your mind body and breath.
My classes are suitable for all levels. I teach regular morning and evening drop in classes. I also run Sunday 1/2 day workshops and Masterclasses approximately every two months.
I am also available for private one to one classes by arrangement.


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