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Claire developed an interest in yoga as a teen but sadly found little support available for adolescents to develop a practice at the time. She went on to complete an Honours Bachelors degree in Commerce and later became a Certified Chartered Accountant. While working in accountancy practice in 2008 she sought out yoga once again to help reduce the stress she was experiencing as a manager in a busy firm. She had begun to experience the negative effects that modern lifestyle and pressure can have on the body and mind. She quickly discovered that regular practice of both pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana (physical poses) can not only help people feel better physically but also help to regain life balance and enable them to cope better with stress.

During a trip to Indonesia in 2012 she began to deepen her practice with various teachers and styles of yoga, on return to Cork she was delighted to see that the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre had opened and became a regular student of Lalit Kumar whose lineage includes Swami Veda, Iyengar and Sri Krishnamacharya. In 2015 she travelled to India to complete her 200hr Teacher Training in the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Goa. She has also trained with internationally renowned teachers Kathryn Budig and Tara Stiles.

Claire is a firm believer that yoga should be made accessible for every individual regardless of age, size, strength or perceived flexibility. She also feels that our society has become disconnected with our bodies and in a world which is increasingly reliant on technology and medication it is particularly important to make yoga available as a tool for life. She is passionate that the practice of yoga can help us return to our natural state where we feel more balanced, our bodies function better and we live with ease.


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