Claire Livingston

Cobar NSW

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Hola all you beautiful humans xxxx

I am Love. I see the beauty in everything I teach others to do the same. I do Yoga and I Dance. I travel and create whatever I can with other people in order to play this Game of Life strategically. I am a student and you are all my teachers.
As a beautiful French man once told me, speaking of his life long ambition, "it won't matter what is going on around me, so long as I remain peaceful on the inside"

I'm a minimalist, I own very little and attach myself to almost nothing. I like it that way :)

Meditation has changed my life. I question everything, it opens up a whole new world of exploration.

I pray for ultimate presence and live my life through my passions discovering new and exciting things about myself every day :)

#givelovelearndancebefree - my core values in a really long hashtag xxx


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