Claire Miller Murphy

St. John's, NL

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Born and raised in St. John’s, NL, Claire Miller Murphy is the Owner of New Found Movement, a Pilates and Yoga Studio. () Claire has more than 23 years of experience in Movement Education. Prior to moving home to Newfoundland in 2006, she was a successful entrepreneur owning popular studio, Mindful Movement Pilates, in downtown Toronto. From 2006-2012, she was Senior Instructor and Fitness Director at Bense Studios, St. John’s NL.
While attending Dance Teacher Training College, she became intrigued with the study of movement and understanding body mechanics. Following College, she was professionally trained in Modern Dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. This is where she first discovered Pilates. She then went on to become certified in Pilates, Yoga Tune Up®, Hatha Yoga and Zumba. Claire continues her professional development each year by studying various movement techniques with Master instructors from around the world.
During her post secondary education, and as she built her teaching career, Claire worked full time selling Canadian designer clothing at all Wenches and Rogues retail locations. Here she honed her creative skills for merchandising, fit, design, sales and client care.
As a consultant, Claire’s was the "Trusted Advisor" for Pilates with Indigo Books and Music Inc. In this role, she advised Indigo on their Pilates-related products and reviews the latest books and DVD’s. Her contributions were highlighted online and in all major Indigo and Chapter stores across Canada. In November 2005, Claire was quoted in Elle Canada magazine with reference to the benefits of Pilates in defining the waistline. Most recently, her essay on The Rotator Cuff was published on the Yoga Tune Up® website.
A dancer first, Claire endeavors to take classes regularly and perform once a year. Combining her passion for dance with her endless study of movement she is thrilled to contribute to the Dance Community. She has developed Conditioning for Dancers Programs and is currently on Faculty in the Dance Department at MAX Dance in St. John’s.
Claire has taught at many top Wellness and Fitness Studios in Toronto and St. John’s is known for providing a “personal touch” to all her classes by tailoring them to suit her students’ needs. She enjoys sharing her many discoveries through Movement studies with others. Claire teaches with “infectious excitement” and is inspired that there is always more to learn!