Claire Rosewood

Clonakilty Co Cork

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I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist
and Practitioner.

Practicing yoga since 1988 and teaching Yoga since 2003.

As a Physical Therapist also, this enhances my
teaching, bringing a therapeutic and healing quality to my
treatments and bodywork.

I am passionate about Ayurveda
and Yoga and can offer Ayurvedic Massage
treatments, diet, nutritional, herbs and lifestyle advice, and
Yoga and Physical Therapy where needed to help heal and
bring the body back into balance .

I also specialize in Restorative Yoga, a branch of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional release with the aid of props, supporting the body to allow greater relaxation into the postures.

I am offering health and well being in the form of Yoga, Physical Therapy and Ayurvedic Nutritional and Lifestyle guidance.


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