Claire Saunders

United Kingdom
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When I first started practicing yoga, back in 1999, I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to relax from my stressful job and improve my posture. I wouldn't say yoga gave me a great epiphany, there wasn't a lightening bolt moment of revelation, but over time I became aware that I was more and more fit, healthy, happy and connected. All little things which have gone a long way to make me feel better and brighter.

In 2005, I found myself longing to share these benefits, and enthusiastically threw myself into teacher training, which continues to this day as I develop my own practice and share my love with those who come to practice with me.

As a mum of two girls, sometimes my feet don’t touch the ground - life can be busy and stressful but being on my mat helps me feel grounded even when I’m serving my kids as an unpaid taxi driver.

I hope to offer the same things to my students. We all come to yoga for totally different reasons, all of which are great and completely valid. There is a place in yoga for everyone and always a space to grow into. So wherever you are now, yoga will meet you there and open up a newworld to you.

I’m passionate about building community. I aim to create a safe space where you can come and be. Where you can move, breathe, connect to your inner beauty and then move back out into the world, feeling better and brighter than before.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fab classes!

Having been a student with Claire for several years I have truly loved the inner peace I go away with at the end of a class.
Claire always ensures a safe practice and teaches you about correct alignment so you learn more about your own body.
The classes are fun and great for any level - always a sense of joining the community together which I love. If you're looking for a dedicated, friendly and experienced teacher - I strongly recommend Claire!

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Thank Yoga for Claire

Caring, fun, experienced, mindful and motivational are all words that are appropriate for Claire. She takes time to explain, considers carefully any injuries, motivates us to "try it, you'll love it" and she looks after us brilliantly.

I have other yoga classes at the end of my road, but I still drive 40 minutes each week to Claire's class - the only exercise I've ever stuck with.

I tried it. I loved it!

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Claire is a wonderful teacher who teaches with clarity, authenticity and commitment. I have benefitted enormously from attending her small-group and larger classes in Beckenham and believe my yoga practice has transformed under her tuition. Her instructions are precise and clear, her demeanour friendly, open and supportive, and she always takes into account any physical limitations that students may have.


I came to Claire's yoga classes with neck and shoulder problems - she has been super-mindful of these and has always offered modifications or alternatives in poses where these might be compromised. Claire is also deeply committed to bringing to her teaching the benefits of her own, ongoing training in yoga, which she expresses as a spiritual and physical practice. I love Claire's classes and always leave feeling lighter and brighter.

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I've been going to Claire's classes for almost 2 years. Started due to hip and shoulder problems and was told by my physio that yoga would do the trick and thanks to Claire it has and not only that she's made me love yoga. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and the way she teaches it with care and attention to detail.

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Knowledgable, Friendly, Accomodating

Great teacher for all students of all abilities. Really good at taking into account the needs, abilities, strengths and limitations of her students, while still addressing the whole class.

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Fun, welcoming and challenging all in one!

Claire's classes are always fun and totally in tune with her students. She challenges but is also responsive to individual restrictions or a more reserved mood amongst her students and adapts accordingly. Everyone is made to feel welcome and to feel that they have achieved something from the class, which is not necessarily about complex asana. Every class is uplifting and refreshing and has become a key focal point in my week.

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Honest, Helpful, Friendly, Welcoming

I'm a fat bloke in my late 40s. My doctor recommended I go to yoga to help with my stress levels and mobility. I have a number of injuries, including having had a disc removed from my spine. Claire always takes my needs into account and adjusts what she is doing with the rest of the class to include something special for me to do if there is a bit that isn't safe for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is unsure if yoga is for them.

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My Shakti Sista

I really love working with Claire and sharing ideas a we teach our workshops and retreats together. It's amazing what the power of two can create together and how inspired I feel when I've done something with Claire.

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My Anusara Inspiration

Clarie is a wonderful, considerate and loving yoga teacher. Her classes are carefully planned and executed, with a lot of individual attention given to her students. She creates a wonderful atmosphere and I always come away challenged, invigorated and at peace with the world.

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Yoga is bright with YogaBright

Claire's class is brilliant. She helps you shine from the inside out, and she takes care to work with everyone's likes, dislikes, worries and wonderful yoga moments. She'll encourage you to try things you haven't considered before. I can do handstand, maybe not yet, but I know I will one day! She's a great teacher.