Claire Stephenson

South Africa

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Claire is a wellness consultant with 20 years experience. During this time, she has been a keen meditator- following Buddhists practices and teachings, as well as TM (Transcendental Meditation). Claire has been teaching Sri Sri (Hatha) Yoga since 2007- both on retreats and at her successful practice in Parkhurst. In 2008 she was fortunate take sabbatical and travel to India and Germany to study and practice Yoga and Ayurveda- the Science of Life.

Back in South Africa since 2010, Claire qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher with Yoga Mama in December 2011. She also teaches Hatha Yoga, Nova and POP Fit classes for several Virgin Active Gyms, as well as Yoga & Birth Preparation practices to expectant mothers.

In 2015 she started teaching for Yoga Stars at various Pre-Primary Schools and found that this has become a true "Teaching children is such a blessing and as I have a boy going to start school shortly, I see the value of teaching him (and others) relaxation and Yoga techniques."


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