Claire Wilson

Vancouver, BC

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6 years ago, I began practicing yoga to ground myself into my body and learn about the physiological science of this practice. I have always sought out information pertaining to the human body and its interaction with the environment, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. What began as a simple attempt to 'relax' unfolded into a path of challenge, wonder, education, and inspiration that has taught me humility, and that we are all students - always. Teaching yoga is where I feel I am the ultimate student.

I teach primarily Hatha and/or Vinyasa style classes, with a strong emphasis on alignment. With a background in human physiology and physical medicine, I have an interest in yoga therapeutics, and am well versed in various conditions, illnesses, and injuries. The practice of yoga is for every body - of all shapes and states - and you may find that this concept manifests in my classes through modifications, options, and assists. Yoga truly meets you where you are at, and the body can be the most profound teacher of all.

Hope to see you on the mat :)


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