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I have been teaching Yoga for over twenty years. I completed my yoga teacher training at The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala, Southern India. I have also practiced Iyengar, Bikram, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga. I have studied with and been greatly influenced by some exceptional teachers, notably Roger Newton, Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley and Sri Dharma Mittra.
Over the years I have incorporated aspects of all the major disciplines and of the ancient yogic teachings and traditions to create a unique class, which I hope, will prompt students to look far beyond the physical dimension of yoga.
Although the practice is fairly strenuous, I have taught students of all ages and ability over the years and I am confident that people can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible in yoga.
I want my students to attend their classes with the intention of
transcending the limited ideas they have of themselves, their practice and their communities. I believe in the power of practicing in a collective frequency where students can feel encouraged and supported by the other practitioners around them. I have witnessed the abundant physical benefits of yoga both in myself and in all my students, but it is my dream that the yogis I teach will ultimately absorb yoga on a much deeper and more profound level.
The emphasis of my teaching is to encourage students to move away from the “arbitrary standard” in modern yoga and the aesthetic questions such as “who is the best at yoga”. I believe that a more profitable and less dogmatic approach is to explore what the practice feels like and not just what it looks like.

“We all have limitless potential to access spiritual data through our meditation and yoga practice. To experience our realities beyond the five limited apertures of the senses. An opportunity and possibility to explore our own human architecture and to understand our anatomical uniqueness. To deepen our awareness of our “essence selves” and become more in tune with the living matrix of intricate pathways which intersect through our bodies”

“Don’t draw a boundary around yourself. – You are a spark of the infinite”


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

120 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Simply the best

Clare is the best, her method, positive vibes, loving personality and the energy she fosters in the group is out of this world.

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Fantastic teacher

I have just completed 40 hours teacher training in Yin with Clare, Brilliant teacher! Highly recommend Clare and her weekly classes in Alderbury Nr Salisbury.

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I miss Clare greatly!

Clare and the 'Brave Fish Yoga' unit are like non-other.
I have never connected with a yoga practice more then their method of approach and practice then when they're in Cambodia. The whole experience is the PERFECT balance of spirituality & practice and I truly resonated with this approach more then any other before!

If you are looking for a yoga practice with a teacher that will challenge you but also not take it all to seriously whilst maintaining professionalism, Clare is for you.
I miss you and cannot wait to be lucky enough to have you back in Cambodia.

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An extraordinary privilege

It is difficult to put into words how extraordinary classes, practice and workshops with Clare are - she has this ability to fill your soul with unbridled joy through her enthusiasm and love, and her constant encouragement and patience is part of the reason I have stuck with my own daily practice. Being able to spend time with Clare learning, both about yoga as well as myself, has been one of the greatest privileges of my life and I cant wait to be able to join in a physical class with her again!

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Totally Amazong Teacher

She really is such an amazing teacher and I am totally blown away with her passion and knowledge for yoga and the history of yoga. A wonderful and kind person. One of my teachers on my 200hr YTT. So glad to have come across her.

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Rare gem of a teacher

I was introduced to Clare through my yoga teacher training. She has so much knowledge, personality & spirit. Her classes are a true experience.

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One of the best out there!

Clare’s classes are awakening! The passion and heart that she pours into them, the encouragement and kindness... she is simply magnificent. Her massive knowledge of the history of yoga is interweaved through all that she does meaning that the class isn’t simply about putting your body into a shape but leaves you with a depth and enlightenment that very few classes have these days.

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What a positive energy

No matter how I show up, I leave feeling genuinely more grounded, at ease and energised. The positive spirit Claire and Daisy share with their students and their students with each other is generous and supportive. The balance of all of the elements of yoga - practicing on and off the mat, the history and spirituality bring it all together in a holistic and integrated way the makes each session a true gift. I drive a long way to get my Brave Fish fix.

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One of a kind

Having spent most of my years playing typical man sports I was unsure as to whether I would take to yoga when a friend recommended coming along to one of Clare’s classes. 6 years later I am still there and this is all down to Clare’s teaching. Clare is so passionate and spiritual that you can’t help but get so immersed in the classes. It’s tough but so rewarding and I can’t imagine a better teacher.

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Clare was recommended to my husband and I and we will be eternally grateful. Felt part of the group from the first session and now feel part of the family. Sessions are safe, inspiring, connective and I can feel my personal practice evolve week by week. The practice has come at a turning point in my life and supports me spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Clare’s knowledge, inclusiveness, passion and beautiful soul are a gift to us all. I am also grateful for the awareness and opportunities Clare brings to practicing our dharma as a group, encouragement to think of others and to give thanks for all that we have and are. Namaste 🙏🏼

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Like no other practice

Both my wife and I were recommended to Clare’s practice and instantly fell into a safe place to be me as a beginner. The spirituality is out of this world for me,
Clare’s knowledge and ability to convey her message is impressive to say the least, I feel like I’ve been away on a retreat for a week after each practice, spiritually cleansed and physically taken to an edge and safely brought back in one piece.
Personally this practice and the friendly group of yogis on my night could not be better for my yoga development and my personal growth
Ten out of Ten all round .
( did I mention the sweets?)

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The Real McCoy

Clare is stunning in every way. Her teaching style adjusts to the yogis within her session. She has taught me for the last 6 years and she is the best teacher I have experienced. I have been taught in New York, Cape Town, London, Windsor, Sydney to mention a few places and again it is so special to have Clare in Salisbury as the best. Really can’t recommend her enough to anyone.

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Life Changing

I have been attending Clare's yoga class for about 9 months now. A friend recommended Clare to me, as I was suffering from stress and anxiety at the time; she said the class would change my life and she wasn't wrong! Not only do I look forward to the class but I need it! As soon as we enter the Shala and take our seat all the tension and stress just seems wash away!


The combination of Clare's vast experience and spirituality is so powerful, I'm often left feeling euphoric at the end of class and craving more! Clare is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and emphasises that you are to work within the limitations of your own body. Clare has set me on a path that I will follow for the rest of my life, she has shown me that yoga is so much more than just turning up once a week for 90 minutes and seeing how far you can stretch! It's a lifestyle that has enabled me to find inner peace, and physical and mental strength.

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I absolutely love going to Clare sessions. Iv recently had a hip replacement and due another. After a session I always feel stronger spiritually and in body. If anyone has any injuries or just want to go to relax. Clare's is the place to go. Always welcoming.

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Grateful 🧡

Clare has inspired me so much not only in her yoga classes but in life. She is a wonder to know and to learn from. Her classes enlighten me, shake any darkness I might hold inside and leave me feeling like a brand new women every time. The balance is perfect between movement and spirituality. I am so thankful to have her in my life! X

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Clare is an amazing teacher. I was very warmly welcomed at the beginning of my class and made to feel very at ease. It was refreshing to meet a teacher so knowledgable and I felt that she really brought me back to yoga’s real roots. I would strongly recommend her.

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Amazing teacher

I have only just met Clare having attended one of her workshops recently and was blown away by her knowledge, passion, experience, love and care for her students. I have never experienced a workshop like it and particularly enjoyed delving more into the history of yoga. By the end, I was simply blown away by the whole experience and deeply moved. Can’t wait to attend more workshops, I have so much to learn and she is an amazing teacher. Thankyou Clare.

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Simply...... WOW!

I was so fortunate to spend a day with this simply amazing woman! I was blown away by her knowledge, her enthusiasm, her passion. I was spell bound from the first moment I walked into her home, after spending 8 hours of practice with her and Juan Gabriel, left feeling blessed, invigorated, and thirsty for more! I can truly say hand on heart that this was THE best yoga experience I have ever had! Thank you Clare, I will be back x

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Best described as a Yogologist

I described her as a "yogologist" here, because it seems like there's nothing she doesn't know about yoga. From the ancient traditions of the practice, to considering new schools of thought and incorporating new research into her teachings, her wealth of knowledge is amazing to me. But, she is also very humble, reminding us that no one knows everything & that we are all always learning. Her classes are powerful & challenging and definitely never boring!!! I learn something new in every class and feel very happy to be part of the tribe!

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Clare is the most incredible teacher and I feel honoured to be part of her classes. She teaches truly from the heart encouraging her students to practice from their own. She is so much more than a teacher and her classes are very much more than physical practice. She incorporates many ancient teachings and texts and you are constantly learning. Her classes are a true experience. She teaches with wisdom, courage, love and truth.

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Fantastic class. Can’t wait till my next one. Also had the privilege of participating in one of the Cambodia retreats. Nourishing for the mind, body and soul. Fantastic hotel and facilities too.

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I've always kept myself physically fit but with maturity I'm becoming more conscious of the benefits of keeping flexible. I was a little nervous of what to expect with my first lesson but from the moment I arrived I was greeted with such warmth I quickly felt right at home. I hadn't given much thought to the spiritual aspects but the atmosphere I became immersed in was very special, Clare's passion is quite overwhelming, I could feel the respect and love towards her and that's special in itself!

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Amazing yoga classes

I cannot recommend classier the classes enough, since joining three years ago every lesson has had a special dynamic, my ability and confidence has grown and I seriously could not do without the fish yoghurt in my life

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From the heart

I can’t quite put into words the profound effect Clare’s teachings have had on my life! She was my first ‘real’ yoga teaching introducing me to the ancient wisdom and magic of this practice. She teaches 100 percent from the heart and has been the catalyst for my own healing journey which has lead to me in turn wanting to help others and pass on the love. Clare gave me the support and encouragement to become a teacher and constantly inspires me to become the best teacher and person I can be!


Her classes and workshops are so special she has created a safe, nurturing, inclusive space and tribe that I have never experienced anywhere else. Her knowledge and passion for learning is incredible and I feel utterly blessed to be able to learn from such a passionate and dedicated teacher. If you ever get the opportunity to practice with Clare embrace it!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Clare holds a wealth of knowledge in the history & philosphy of yoga among many other legs of Yoga. But what captivated me so much in her class & resonated in my heart wasn’t only that it was her presence & her energy.


I felt wonderfully empowered and so incredibly warmly welcomed. Clare has a fantastic way about making every one in the class feeling included & connected in a lovely way. She speaks from the heart & truthfully which is so refreshing and awakening to the soul. I loved Clare’s understanding of all different body types & their different alignments highly recognising that what feels supportive & comfortable for one person may not feel the same for the other. I think this is something special and I would happily attend Clare’s classes again. In fact I’m already hanging out for the dates of her next visit to Cambodia.
A truly wonderful spirit & a truly wonderful teacher to learn from.