Clare Esler

Guelph, ON

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Clare is a healing guide who leads a life centred in joy. With love and simplicity as her intent, Clare offers a playful, intuitive and joy-filled movement practice. She sees movement as an every day gift that develops a strong and awakened mind, body and spirit.

Clare is a certified 200-RYT with Karma Teachers Toronto, a training in movement of selfless service. Her continuing education has included training from such gifted teachers as Jane Clapp, Troy Turi, Jolene Bayda, Andre Talbot, Diane Bruni and the Yoga Detour Teacher’s Immersion Program with Cecily Milne. Clare’s classes combine a variety of movement modalities including functional range conditioning, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Qi Gong, and various movements to regulate the nervous system. She is most inspired by the teachings of the empathic healer, author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn.


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