Clare Fanning

Auroville Tamil Nadu

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Integral Yoga and Vocal Yoga practitioner with registered trademarks for India and USA - Vocal Yoga & Vocal Yoga VY. Specific Bel Canto Exercises to teach the preparation of the body within and without to hold sound correctly pre-speech or singing.

Therapeutic exercises to avoid vocal cord displacement that causes the tired and irritated voices.

Has lived in Auroville since 1971 about 20 years out of a 43 year period. Her daughter and grandson are born here.

Studied Voice in Nice, France 1975-78 and taught in Strasbourg 1983 to 1990. Fluent in French.

Has established the Vocal Yoga Institute Pvt. Ltd. in Auroville for the housing of VY Research and the Vocal Yoga Teachers Network.

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