Clare Kelley

Washington, DC
United States

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Clare Kelley is a health and wellness coach and yoga therapist. She is a thought leader in the field of mind-body healing arts, combining age-old wisdom with evidence-based science. By working with Clare, clients experience transformational healing, going from merely coping to a thriving lifestyle. Her work is a pioneering experience interweaving health behavior, yoga and meditation, neuroplastic healing, physical alignment, and the sacred to offer clients wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

As a coach and educator, Clare draws from her advanced training in yoga and Pilates, graduate studies in the health sciences, and her own personal triumphs working through a rare illness, multiple injuries, and PTSD. Healing is elemental and central to her work because she had to learn it.

Clare’s talent lies in helping clients realize their full potential to heal themselves and thrive, regardless of their circumstances. Well-practiced in the skill of listening without agenda, she helps clients expose patterns and beliefs that motivate their behavior. She works one on one with high-functioning clients to co-create a plan of action that meets their specific needs to live as their highest Self. Love life well!


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