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During my first trip through Asia I discovered the healing power of Thai Massage and immediately fell in love with this ancient art. Since then I spend half of each year in Chiang Mai deepening my knowledge by studying Thai Massage, Meditation, Chi Kung and Tai Chi with several teachers, assisting Thai Massage courses at Sunshine Network Centre as well as offering courses at different locations.

When I return to Europe, I give treatments and teach workshops.

Thai massage is an energy work that has its origins in yoga and Ayurveda. Having come to Thailand together with Buddhism more than 2000 years ago, it has since been influenced by Chinese Medicine and evolved to the current form that is practiced widely throughout the country.

Thai massage promotes physical and emotional well being by applying stretches and pressure using palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to the 10 sen (energy lines that runs through the body). Done with Metta (loving kindness) from a good masseur, more then just bodywork, Traditional Thai Massage can be a beautiful experience for both giver and receiver.

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Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Make yourself this gift :-)

Make yourself this gift of thai massage at the experienced and healing hands of Claudio, is my suggestion to any new or old receivers of this beautiful practice. I had the pleasure to have him as an assistant teacher in N.Thailand & actually receive a proper thai massage from him that uplifted my whole approach. Getting so much inspiration by his open character and at the same time his sensitivity. Always finding the way to fit the movement to the particular receiver, always feeling that the "ego" is left outside the door, left with a great respect for the process and a healing intention that comes through the giver to the receiver. Alert, humble and caring, please Keep on Palming~ Blessings wherever you are :-) Valia

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El Claudio és una persona entranyable, combinant l'alegria de viure d'un italià i el caràcter treballador d'un català! Alegre i divertit quan parles amb ell, i concentrat i expert quan dóna un massatge o ensenya. El vaig conèixer a l'escola Sunshine Thai Massage al Lahu village al 2016. Es nota que està enamorat del massatge tailandès perquè hi dedica molt temps i carinyo. Em va ajudar moltíssim a seguir el curs i després em va donar un massatge fantàstic. Recomenat al 100%!

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Claudio is an amazing teacher, and I love the way he share is knowledge! Simple and clear, he brings me in a deep understanding of the body. I had the chance to receive a thai yoga massage from him, and it was AMAZING, INCREDIBLE!!! I rapidly notice his experience at the very beggining of the massage session...precise and carefully, the first touch was like knocking at the door before going deeper into my body. He did such an amazing variety of advanced technics that brings me in another world, up side down, experiencing flying, and I was always feeling good and I had total confidence. Thank you for all you teach me and for one of the best massage ever!!!

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Fun with method and sensitivity

Claudio has a deep knowledge of Thai massage and a fun way to convey it, but he can also be very serious and spiritual if he feels it is necessary to do so. He is a master of variations and will certainly advice you how to deal with the biggest or smallest body according to your abilities. he is a sensitive man, which is a primary quality for a masseur as well as for a teacher. I will always remember the delicate way he introduced me to stomach massage, a very intense experience that required both of us to just "feel". thank you Claudio, now I am also an addicted to Thai massage :)

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Claudio Pinza

Claudio has been instrumental in making my experience as Thai massage student a success. He assisted the teacher Chatchai Jamu in a 90 hours massage course I attended at The Sunshine Network in 2014. I was overall very impressed with the quality of the assistants' team there. Claudio not only consistently helped me improve my massage technique, he also contributed to successfully solve practical matters during my stay at the Lahu village which in turn were beneficial to my overall personal learning experience.
I consider Claudio mature enough to guide on his own an international class of students. He is a very accurate teacher with a deep understanding of the secrets of this ancient art.

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Just amazing!

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Don't miss to get in touch with him ;-)

I met Claudio during a Thai Yoga Massage course in Thailand two years ago. Since them we meet every year at this place for assisting a few courses together. Claudio assisted much more courses than me, therefore he has an excellent knowledge about Thai Yoga Massage and I am still learning from him. This knowledge with the combination of his friendly, funny and helpful character make him a special teacher! I could also see how much effort he puts in the daily mediationpractice to develop more loving kindness and how he enjoys Tai Chi and Yoga which is also an important part for being a good Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and Teacher. I can really recommend to come in touch with him for getting Massages or learning this special kind of Therapy.

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Thai Yoga Energy Therapy through Massage

One of the ways I discovered the power of Thai Yoga Massage was through Claudio's touch. During my first Thai Massage Course in Thailand he was trying to show me how to work the energy lines at the back and despite his patient instructions I was still not "getting it"! So, he offered to work on me so I could feel how it was meant to be done. Maybe this would help me "get it"! He worked the energy lines for 10 minutes.


After fifteen minutes I felt such an emotional release that I started crying for...quite a while!
After this experience I have asked from Claudio to give me full body massages on various occasions. All of them have left a strong impact on me: one time he cured my knee pain, the other he made me feel "centred" again (gracias!), another time soon after a session everyone was commenting on how serene and beautiful I looked, and much much more!
Claudio has been an invaluable teacher for me: in order to be a good therapist you also need to be a good receiver. Through his touch I actually felt in my own body what we mean when we say "energy blockages" and how to release them (fortunately)!
I still remember his constructive and encouraging feedback at the exam day (a.k.a. Celebration Day ) and I remember a lot of the postures due to the funny names he has given to some of them (you have to go to his courses to find out what these are).
Needless to say that now I know how to do the energy lines at the back.. or at least that's what people tell me :)
Written with metta and gratitude

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a very pleasant meeting

I met Claudio on my Thai massage course in Lahu last year. He was one of the assistant and, thanks God he was there 'cause he really helped me so much in getting away with all my initial difficulties I was having, as it was my first course ever, with no experience of any massage or yoga at all. Indeed a friendly guy with great attitude for teaching and good competence. Since then I know he attended an amazing number of courses and developed great experience

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traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Claudio is a passionate and experienced practioner and teacher of Thai Yoga Massage. He studied and practiced entensively in Northern Thailand at The Sunshine Network School, founded by Asokananda. He has a thorough knowledge of thai Body Work, and a funny, friendly and relaxing way of teaching. I highly recommend to study with him to get a deep understanding of this ancient healing art.

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Clauio is so detailed and precise in his understanding of Thai Massage, working with him really solidified my technique. As a teacher he's easygoing and funny but thural in his instruction of positioning and body mechanics. Even if you've studied some Thai Massage already I would recommend his introduction course. If your a complet beginner he'll guide you to a great start.