Clay Germano

Puerto Rico

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Clay Germano began his formal study of the body through Chinese qigong, tai chi chuan, and Shaolin gong-fu under the direct study of Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming, by whom he is certified to teach tai chi and qigong. Clay is also a lineage-holder in the gong-fu style, Bagua Zhang, under Sifu Andrew Dale. claygermanoBlending a deep understanding of the traditional arts with one of contemporary science and medicine, Dr. Yang inspired Clay to further his study of human health through massage, bodywork, and corrective exercise.
With over 3,300 hours of accredited formal training, and hundreds of hours of informal tutorials, Clay has been strongly drawn to the core fundamental techniques and philosophy of Osteopathic Manual Therapy- having studied extensively with Dr. Loren Rex, DO of The Ursa Foundation. Osteopathy is a branch of medicine that holds as its fundamental treatment principal: the body’s structure and function are inherently his treatments and classes, Clay draws from his study in the osteopathic and orthopedic sciences, massage and bodywork, as well as qigong and gong fu training.

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